Why words matter…

This is my first post. This blog is my testimony to how much words impact the development of children and their personality.

Being a Speech Therapist, we are taught in school the natural process involved in the development of Speech, Language and Communication in children. But, I did not realize it’s significance until I had a child of my own. It’s incredible, as to how much an infant right from the mother’s womb, coming to this world can understand familiar sounds and words from the very first day.

My daughter turns 1 year this month, and we are delighted everyday at the amount of words she learns when we speak to her or each other. She just said ‘yummy’ when she saw her dinner! Yayy! That’s another one to your vocabulary!

Words are the building blocks of communication, as they are powerful and carry meaning to the listener and speaker. There has been countless research done in the field of language development that always emphasizes on talking to your child, the quality and quantity of words you speak and how it shapes their communication. But, one question? How do I talk? Does it involve following specific steps? Is there a way I should do it? Am I doing it the right way or not? These are the questions I get from parents who want to do the best for their children. So, Speechie Ranger to the rescue!

In my blog you will find tips, activities and fun games that you can do with your children and family. I will be using the word ‘Communication’ more often because the aim is to get your children to communicate in the best way possible making it fun at the same time!

You will see me share my stories of how motherhood is evolving me for the better, motivation through my daily experiences, my spiritual practices, my love for books, feeling joy for the small things in life, and being grateful for this wonderful life bestowed on me! Alhamdulillah!

What you will not find in my blog is negative vibes and terminologies (scientific terms) that will make you google it!

So you are invited to be part of my wonderfully enriching journey !

My best,

Thasbih Amin, Speech Therapist by Choice!


20 thoughts on “Why words matter…

  1. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help my boys in their speech, I couldn’t ask for a better therapist, a better human and a pure heart. We β™₯️You and am so proud of you sharing and enlightening us, can’t wait to read more posts 😘

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