5…4…3…2…1 ! 

As I drive home, my mind is like a child who lost his parents at a carnival, the loud music, lights that blur my vision, the hustle and bustle, nausea, sweat trickling down my forehead and the incessant cry for help that is going unnoticed.

5…4…3…2…1 !


I am sitting at a terrace facing the vastness of the ocean. The breeze tickles me back to reality, as I watch my family laughing and having a lovely time. I am healthy, full of spirit, living a purposeful life and sighing gratefully to my creator. I am at peace with everything in this life. And I sing to myself, It’s a wonderful world.

We have all had days at the carnival, when everything around us is stressful and you keep telling yourself —what do I do, why is this happening, why me and then I can’t do this anymore. It’s an integral part of being human. Stress is inevitable and the more I realize it, the more I try to embrace it. I use the word ‘try’ because I am not perfect and everyday I am trying to be better at it, than I was yesterday.

And, then Mel Robbins makes a grand entry into my life with her incredible 5- Second Rule. As you know, I am an ardent fan of motivational talks, meaningful conversations,  and mostly anything that can help improve the quality of my emotional well being. Her 5-second rule, simple yet profound, made a powerful impact in my life.

The 5-Second rule:

  • Firstly,  when you see yourself drifting into negative thoughts, For e.g. That presentation is going to go bad/ My children are so naughty/ I don’t have enough money etc.
  • Next, you catch yourself doing it and then you count backwards 5..4..3..2..1!, the counting is basically to interrupt your thoughts pattern.
  • Then, you immediately replace it with a positive thought or any ideal situation that you wish for, For e.g. I am so excited for this presentation, its going to be great/My children are being children by being naughty. When they grow up and go, I will miss this/ There are so many things in life, I am grateful for other than not having enough money.

I thought, this is so simple that I am going to laugh at myself doing this. But then, I started to feel better, I became more focused at what I was doing, and slowly learning to shut my noisy mind from unnecessary thoughts. I was surprised at the amount of times, I counted backwards and replaced my thoughts. It was shocking to see, how much trash talking I was doing to myself.

So, I encourage all of you to try Mel Robbins, 5-Second rule or maybe even read her book about it. Click here, to listen to her talk on Motivation and the 5-Second Rule. #5secondrule

We are not perfect, We are real! Please listen and enjoy!





3 thoughts on “5…4…3…2…1 ! 

  1. Great work! Thanks for intro to Mel Robbins.
    1.When i go from first para to the second, i am feeling like it was kinda disconnected, as a reader in i am expecting an apparent sequel of the subject mentioned in first para when i read the second.
    2. Sorry if i am stupid, but do you really need “5…4…3…2…1 ! ” two times in the page.
    3. Sorry if i am so dump, but when i read this, truly i find that glimmer of hope to get rid of my much often chaotic thoughts, thanks, but is it a method to cope up stress or a method for eliminating negative thoughts. Can you be more conclusive and specific as i am not having such a bright mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Goloob for the feedback. To answer your first question, I was trying to take reader from a negative scenario to a positive one keeping in mind the 5 second Rule and how to use it. That’s why, I mentioned the the second time, to show the shift to the reader. Finally, to answer your third question, I use the 5 second Rule to get rid of my negative thoughts, which in turn helps me to reduce my stress. I am glad you liked Mel Robbins and her mantra. In the coming up posts, I will try to keep my posts more specific. Thank you.


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