Hey 2018…

New year is here! The time has come to make new promises to ourselves.  A friend asks you, what’s your new year resolution? and you have none. What! That would portray you, as a non-achiever or goal directed in life.

This is how I thought it was, all this while. I must say that in the earlier years, I did make some awesome goals and achieved them, like losing 20 kilograms in the year 2014, and I was over the moon for doing that. The not so secret mantra to success, diet, exercise and mindfulness. 

However, entering motherhood changed everything for me, physically and mentally. I am super proud of myself for getting back to work, spending quality time with my family and trying to stay fit. But, my major shift happened mentally. I have seen the best and worst of my days. I have become more present in my interactions, experienced unconditional love, moved away from relationships that drain me, become more vulnerable, and get overtly disappointed with the events that happen in our lives.

So, I did not make any resolutions this year. I only have lessons learned from 2017, to guide me for a better 2018. Everyday, I want to strive better in everything I am and what I do. Hence, my top five giveaways from 2017 are:

  • Embrace your emoji– Well, I embrace my emotions fully. I believe experiencing emotions and learning curves are a necessity to being a mother or even human. I often hear people say that, Oh! you worry too much, it is going to be fine. Yes, I worry too much because I need to experience the worry and go through the process, to fully understand that it’s going to be fine. So, embrace your feelings and think of ways to alleviate it. I am not asking you to dwell in negative emotions. Embrace them and then move on.
  • Uncertainty is the norm– My husband told me this and it was so powerful for me. I get disappointed and I think of ways to prepare myself to avoid another disappointment. Well, that does not work in life. No matter how much you prepare, disappointment and rejection will knock you down on your feet, only to make you emerge stronger.
  • Fail Successfully– As they say, success is on the other side of failure. I fail, introspect on what went wrong and learn from it. This has been very humbling for me.
  • Be yourself– I keep listening to entrepreneurs, mentors and successful people saying this in their journey. We are all trying to fit in and trying to be yourself is not as easy as you think. It takes courage to do that and I must say, I am on my way. 
  • Have Faith– They say ‘Faith can move mountains’. No matter how bad my day goes, before I go to sleep I trust the process and leave it to my creator. Most of the time, things have only turned out to be best for me, even when I thought I was not moving forward. 

This is one of my favourite quotes that I revisit a lot and it makes me happy and content to read it. 

     Have a lovely 2018! 

    6 thoughts on “Hey 2018…

    1. Syma

      I am so proud to read this and the fact that this is written by a childhood friend is even more special. Amazing posts and really insightful. Sending lots of love to you and your family…


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