A day of my life..

Today, I woke up in gratitude to my creator, for all the blessings in my life.

And then, it daunts upon me. Work! Yes, I need to get to work. As much as I love my job, there are days when snuggling back to bed, dreaming about the next vacation and what to eat for breakfast seems much more appealing than getting out of bed.

Sometimes, I envision myself, perched upon a mountain in the Himalayas, doing a head stand. Does anybody relate to that? Yup, it’s the Incredible India advertisement. I love it. Perhaps, I should at least work my way up to doing push ups without my knees touching the floor. Then, I stand a chance for this mean feat. But, hey one day I will beat Shaun T, in doing push up jacks. A word of caution. Do not try this at home, unless you want a day off from work. Your arms and legs will beg for mercy.

Back to present, if I need to do all this, I need to work, be independent and fulfill my purpose.

So, to those who don’t know me, I am a Speech Language Therapist aka Speechie. I decided to be one, when I was 15 years old. Yes, I was determined to be one and became one. Pat on the back!

It’s an amazing feeling to have your career and purpose aligned together. I am grateful to be able to do that in my life. Having worked for the past decade in Dubai, I can only say that my journey with the children and parents have been transformational for me.

Time and again, research has proven that, service to others and the relationships you build—paves the road to happiness in life. People often ask me, ‘So, what do you actually do?, How do you make them talk?’

Therefore, I welcome you to get a sneak peak into what I actually do, for a living and a life:

Before heading to work

  • Mummy guilt trip time– I am sure all the mothers out there feel this every day, and I am no exception. When my two year old kisses me goodbye, it’s a little downhill for me from there. Mel Robbins to the rescue. Snap!


  • Visualizing my ideal scenario– No more guilt trips. I am setting an example for my daughter to love herself, to work, to be financially independent, to be unapologetically herself and be crazy good at whatever she does.

On my way to work

Podcast Addict – I find much joy in listening and learning from podcasts. My favorite ones being:

  • The School of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes
  • Super soul Conversations with Oprah
  • Muslim Central by Noman Ali Khan
  • The Tony Robbins Podcast

Work time

Using pictures or visual strategies is a standard element in my sessions. In a way, we are all visual learners. Imagine yourself going to a mall or the airport. And, if you wanted to go to the washroom, what is the first thing you would look for, to find one? Yes, you look for the picture that shows the men/women washrooms.


Hence, using visuals in my session helps children with predictability, gives them structure, manage their behaviors and most importantly in smooth transition (moving from one activity to another).

Group sessions

Having a group of kids work together is one of the best ways, to generalize what they learnt and make friends. Our theme this week was ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’. We had lots of fun learning the vocabulary, enacting the scenes and finally doing a pretend play with the toy house. This is the best bit for me, because I get to listen to their experience and imagination. That beautiful feeling, when all your efforts comes to fruition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Board games

This is a simple, yet fun and inexpensive board game. You can create it using a file folder on whatever words or sounds, that is being targeted on. Here, I am working with a child on his ‘sh,ch and j’ sounds.


My chaotic, yet beautifully accomplished day comes to an end. I am heading home and this quote comes to mind.

AZA_4970-3I ask myself, why am I doing this job. And every time it goes back to a feeling I get. I can only put it this way, my heart sinks, I get this warm fuzzy sense of happiness and fulfillment, after I finish a good speech therapy session. That’s my answer to the question.

I believe it’s important we ask this to ourselves, because no matter how much we love our job, there are days we go through self-doubt. We all get sucked into the circle of life.

Let’s press the refresh button and revive our purpose.



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