“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about”- Charles Bukowski

I had almost finished writing a post to publish this week. Then, something happened today that propelled me to write this.

It’s about those small, yet exquisite moments of our everyday lives. Ramadan is a spiritual reset for me. I try to focus on one area of my life, that I want to improve. Ramadan being one of the blessed months, I truly believe it acts as a catalyst to achieve your spiritual goals. I wanted ‘presence’ this time. It’s an ongoing lifelong goal. To be specific, I wanted to bring back my attention to the present movement as quickly as I can, rather than thinking and living in a vicious cycle of what to finish now, so I can do the next thing.

This practice of bringing my attention to the present moment, has made me witness one of the best bits of the day.

For the sake of anonymity, this child’s name is Siya. I work with children with learning and language difficulties. They are asked to fit in, in the so called “normal” children criteria. I am yet to meet a person who fits that criteria. We all are quirky and crazy at the same time. Anyways, Siya is a feisty, honest and the funniest child I’ve ever worked with. I look forward to her sessions, because she is all truth, has a great sense of humor and a zeal for life. I secretly wished I was more like her. We were all Siya in our childhood, until other people’s expectations sucked it all out of us.

We do group sessions at work and every month we choose a star kid. Today, it was that day to choose and we unanimously chose her. The reason being she helps other children, she is direct with them if they are disrupting the session and she patiently waits for her turn to participate.

More than being good at a task, me and my colleague value a child’s attitude and as famously said ‘the soft skills’. Intelligence prepares you for school, but soft skills prepare you for life. Being intelligent is great, but without compassion and humility, you eventually hit a roadblock.

We are a group of professionals who get excited and hyped with the slightest of progress, because we understand and see that these children put 10 times more effort than regular mainstream kids. We are lavish with our praises and hugs.

Before we announced the star kid, I saw her secretly praying for it. I was moved and felt grateful to do the honors. I watched her closely and when I did announce, I saw a smile filled with delight and peace, giving me goosebumps. My heart ached with joy and as I looked at her, I knew my entire purpose of life was enclosed in that smile. Priceless!

I took a snapshot of that moment and it’s there forever. It’s a feeling now. I can almost reverse engineer it, when I am low. That smile is my reason to wake up to come to work, to always keep trying to be patient, to believe in the impossible, to cherish the small victories and revive my purpose.

These one second moments of timelessness happens every day in our lives. However, I fail to notice it in my distractions. I know that we are all looking for those big moments where everything falls into place. That would be perfect, but then the wait and agony to keep expecting for that moment. That does more damage to our mind.

As Ramadan nears its end, I can say that I’ve enjoyed these bits of magic every day. Be it a smile on a drivers face when I give way even though people are honking behind me, being silly to a point that your parents watch you in amusement, my daughter smiling with satisfaction when she pops the bubble wrap and many many more.

I am on my way to find joy in small moments, but I can assure you that when you do look for magic, you end up finding it.

For my birthday week, these are my moments…

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