Life in the time of Corona..

How’s everyone hanging in there? COVID-19, lock downs, social distancing, working from home, washing hands is the new language we speak.

Before COVID-19….

My sister: “What’s your plan for the weekend?”

Me: “I want to chill and relax.”

Now… COVID-19

Me: “Be my guest! Everyday is like a weekend these days.”

Businesses, workplaces and schools have become memories. My cliched life of going to work, grabbing coffee, to do lists, achievement lists and weekend lists are on freeze. The madness has been replaced by quieter mornings, having breakfast at the table together, working from home catching glimpses of your loved ones now and then, taking regular movement breaks, listening to music, watching clearer skies and simply being.

No FOMO (fear of missing out) these days as we can happily give up meeting and socializing. Introverts are celebrating. Sorry extroverts, you need to hang in there a little longer. Ambiverts like me are navigating quite Ok in this situation. Going to the beach is what I miss the most. The hues of blue and white. The soft mushy sand that barely kiss my feet. The little white crabs that scramble away. The clear waters that can see through my soul. The smell of salt, sand and the breeze that brings me innocent giggles of children playing in the water. I miss this moment when I am one with nature.

In the beginning, I was in despair. I’ve had to take a break from work. I couldn’t function with all the debacle happening around the world. I recollect watching the news about the novel Corona virus. I wondered what was so novel about it. Then went about my day, telling myself that this is just one of those new diseases that will be put an end to by our medical professionals and scientists. Vaccine discovered. Less fatalities. Happily ever after. How naive of me!

Mother earth has had enough of our ignorance. She has taken a retreat by chasing all ungrateful beings like us from her shores. She has decided to revive herself. To show us that there is order in chaos. This fiasco that has brought the whole world to it’s knees is bringing back it’s long lost order. The order of respecting nature, being grateful and living a modest life.

I have relinquished my to do lists. I go about my day doing the best of what I wish to do and can do. I use everyday and every choice I make in every instant as my conscious wish to pursue something. At this time, where uncertainty is the only certainty, you can’t help but trust yourself and keep going forward one day at a time. Yes! One day a a time.

During a crisis, there are people who can get on the bandwagon and go about their day doing the necessary things. Then, there are people like me who need their ‘me time’ to feel every emotion and slowly emerge. We are diverse and each one of us adapts differently. The point is to respect the difference. We all have our own story to tell. Life before and after Corona. Do not succumb to the pressures of normalizing life. There is nothing normal about what’s happening now. Take your time, talk to your loved ones and do whatever you have to do to deal with these unconventional circumstances.

At the moment, I cherish my time at home. I love waking up knowing that while I work, I can see my daughter playing right beside me, checking in on my husband next room, indulging in self-care between my sessions, exercising anytime of the day, talking to my parents everyday and being grateful. This pandemic has locked us in our homes but it has opened people’s hearts to kindness and generosity. Maybe this pandemic is the necessary evil.

I will not undermine the fact that there are days when I wonder what’s next? What will happen to the way we work? How will we resuscitate the economy? When can I see my parents? When can I step out of my house without wearing masks and gloves? When can I drink coffee and walk at the beach? Are we all going to die? I have no answers. I know that I have to trust a higher power, be alert not paranoid, follow the safety guidelines and be a source of love and positivity.

Maybe it is time we do things differently. Maybe we can work from home and be productive. Maybe we can learn to live a simple minimalist life. Since we all are going to die anyway, let’s hasten ourselves towards being the best of ourselves. The world is rethinking and recreating.

Relationships have either grown or hit rock bottom. Are we going to work on it or let it be? Everyday, I am learning and trying to accept the new norm and finding ways to preserve my sanity. Reading, exercising and taking more time outs than my daughter is helping me navigate these uncertain times.

This is what I’ve been up to during my lock down. Happily dressing up, raiding my closet to find clothes I barely knew existed and convincing my husband to take pictures. I have particularly enjoyed reading books written by women. These have been my absolute favorites during quarantine..

The Dance of Anger is a book I highly recommend for us. We women have been asked to keep our anger under the wraps for a long time. This book demystifies our ideas about anger, how to use it as a source of finding ourselves and not succumbing to societal pressures.

I am certain that we will all get through this stronger and wiser. That will be our “New World Order”

Much love,


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